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Ross, thanks for bringing to light some of the more technical elements that I struggle to grasp. My business is branding and I agree with you that facebook, or Meta, really has a brand problem. Like you, I have no interest in anything they bring to the fore, but am quite curious about what the future brings. Cheers.

Darius, thanks for writing this. I love the notion of 'do more.' A lot changed for me when I read "The Road Less Travelled" , by Scott Peck, and learned about Love as a verb - paraphrasing it - Love is the act of getting out of my way for someone else. It changed me dramatically. By applying that concept, I enjoy a healthy and happy marriage, absolutely love being a father, changed my relationship with my passion for jiujitsu, and create a business 100% focused on helping others succeed. Without a doubt, life is much better by acting with Love towards others.

Good article Ozan. From a branding standpoint, it helps to be first. While all other companies were touting speed and memory capacity, Apple changed the game and was the first to offer products based on design and ease of use. Everyone remembers the name of the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic - Charles Lindbergh. The name of the second? No one knows. Also, Apple is great at being disciplined and applying the same two principles in everything they do. They speak to a tribe and remain loyal to that tribe.

Erwin, thanks for writing this. The key element in the whole discussion is to be focused on human relationships. Be the relationship with consumers, partners, or employees. However, only a few companies will be able to shift from 'return to shareholders' to 'human relationships.' Integrity will be the biggest challenge to be overcome by those companies that were not created that way.

Good article, Matthew. There are three factors that play a role in Oreo's ability to maintain momentum. First, the fact that what's familiar is comfortable. Second, most of us grew up eating Oreos and the experience brings us back pleasurable experiences. Finally, it allows us to experience new flavors while facing less resistance. After all, Oreos can be trusted. So, when considering building a momentum, we must consider the psychology of the consumer and how they relate to our brand and its products and services.

The name of the campaign sounds silly, but the biggest issue here is their lack of integrity. I would love to see Mondelez acting human, regardless of the name they call it. I'd love to see them be transparent and honest about what's in their "foods" and take responsibility to all the issues caused by over-sugared foods. That would be human.

Luis Pires

Luis Pires is the founder of Squared Brand + Marketing and dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create authentic and differentiated brands that matter.

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